About Mallow Tri Club

Mallow Tri Club was formed in 2016 with just a handful of members/founders.

Our objectives at inception were to encourage the practice and development of Triathlon in Mallow and surrounding areas; to facilitate coaching sessions for club members and to organise and promote competitions for Triathlon whilst our mission continues to bring together a diverse set of people with varied levels of skill across disciplines to support each other; train; achieve fitness and complete goals in a safe and friendly environment whilst also supporting our wider community where we can.

Our formative years as a club have been an amazing journey, with our original founders and various committee members guiding us through the earlier stages of development.

Our original objectives and mission still hold true today and more so than ever since Covid-19.

It’s widely recognised that the real test of an individual or a group of people, such as our club, is how you stay true to your values, your mission and objectives even in the worst times of challenge and crisis.

Often the biggest challenge for all Triathletes at some stage on their journey is to get over their fear of something and arguably, there was no larger fear for anyone than the fear of Covid-19 and what it meant for us all as individuals and for our families and communities.

It would have been the easy option for members and any club to shut up shop for a few months and let people do their own thing to avoid potential issues with organising any events or training sessions, as many clubs across multiple sports did, but in Mallow Tri – no different to the Tri community nationwide – we acted for ourselves, for our club and community in the true spirit of Triathlon.

Weekly training sessions did not stop but were reimagined and refreshed and through the positive engagement of all members, a range of club challenges, events for members, for charity and fundraisers all took place on a weekly basis.

We are very proud that our efforts to advance our club’s charitable purpose continues each year, every member continues to behave with the highest of integrity and represent themselves, their families, our club and Triathlon Ireland to the highest of standards.

Our committees and members over the years lead by example and as a result, our club has led our members, new and old, as a collective for the betterment of Triathlon.