Try a Tri

Ballyhass Sprint 2024

Curious about triathlon, but not sure if it’s for you - why not try a tri?

We’re running our FREE Try a Tri programme in the lead up to the Ballyhass Sprint on Sunday, September 22nd.

Come and join our club sessions for a few weeks, registration is free through Triathlon Ireland and insurance covers coached sessions and will be provided upon registration for participation in the New to Tri programme.

The program is based on Triathlon disciplines of Swim – Bike- Run.

Try A Tri


The swim will take place in the waters of Ballyhass Lakes. Athletes will enter the lake via the pontoon at the most southerly end. The pontoon is located on the Northern side of the large lake, and you will swim west with the sun on your back onto the “beach landing” where marshals will see you safely out of the water.

Note: Swimmers enter gently into the water and Angel swimmers and support kayaks and SUP’s will be there to ensure that you are safely guided to the finish line.

Transition Zone

From the swim exit, athletes will have a 125m run to the transition zone. The run will be a mix of grass and carpet surface. In transition, the athletes will be allowed to have all their gear with them in the 2m area set aside for them.

All athletes will be allowed to have a “box” for their gear but will need to keep their gear in that box, any items outside could result in a penalty!!

Here is layout of the transition from swim entry to bike out.


The bike is a fast course with only 187m of elevation over the 19.5km.

The route starts on the main entrance to the Ballyhass Aquapark. Cycling up the drive and at the main entrance turning left and following the road passed the quarry  and up to the Castlemagner junction. A left turn here, please be aware of the safety notices that will be on the route. We will have marshals on the route.

Through Castlemagner and turning left onto the R576, please note this has a stop sign, and the roads are not closed, so please abide by the rules of the road. There will be marshals on the road.

As the pace is picking up here it’s down to the junction with the N72, this is a sharp right followed by a sharp left and onto the hard shoulder all the way to the junction with the L1201 where there is a little drag. From here its back to Ceclistown. From the top of the square in Cecilstown, please be aware of other athletes on the road, when making your way back to transition – distance 19.5KM.


Through the transition area and out onto the run course.

Starting on the grass but quickly on the gravel of the entrance drive. As you exit the main gate keep to your right and you are running West along the road into Cecilstown.

In Cecilstown you will turn right for the last 2.2 km of the run to the finish line – it’s all downhill from here. 

Over the finish line situated in the field next to the transition.

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