Ballyhass Mixed Sprint Relay

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Calling all athletes to take on the challenge of the third annual Ballyhass Sprint Triathlon. Hosted by Mallow Tri Club, in association with Triathlon Ireland, the event kicks off in the wonderful multipurpose surroundings of Ballyhass Lakes in Mallow.

TC – Ballyhass Mixed team relay

What is a Mixed Team relay?

A mixed team relay is where a team of 4 athletes participate in all parts of the sport, swim bike and run, over short distances, consecutively, and against other teams of 4 Athletes. All team will compromise of 4 athletes, 2 female and 2 male.

Typically, the teams are arranged by age grouping as competitions, prize giving’s are defined by age group. 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 70+

What is the format of the race?

Athletes will be required to complete all parts of the course before tagging in the next athlete. So, you will swim 300m, cycle 8km and run 1.8km before you “tag in” the next athlete.
The lineup will be as follows: male, female, male, female.
Timing of the event is continuous and the timing does not stop between athletes.


The swim will take place in the waters of Ballyhass Lakes.

This is gun start with a run entering the water from the beach entry part of the lake. The athlete will swim 150m out around a marker and back to the beach entry.


The bike route is an 8km loop leaving Ballyhass via the back gate turning left up into Ceclistown, turning left following the road passing the main entrance to Ballyhass and after the preschool turning left down to Castlemagner Village.

In Castlemagner the bike route turns left after Geoff’s pub located on the left-hand side of the road. Continue on this road turning right through the fast descending turn and into a sharp left that will aim you for home, mind the road surface in parts.

Returning into Ballyhass via the rear entrance. And back to transition.


The run route is a simple loop of the main driveway. Leaving the transition heading for the main gate staying on the right-hand side of the drive.

At the main gate you will turn around and head back down the drive on the right-hand side (your right hand side) until you pass transition on your left until you get to the entrance of the overflow car park, turning here and returning to the transition where you will tag your teammate for them to do continue on their leg of the relay.


The transition will be situated near the bus turnaround point at the top of the entrance to walkway to the beach entry.

Here you will rack your bike and set up all your gear for the relay. If we have limited bike racking, we would ask that only 2 members of the team have their bikes racked at any one time.

If you are in position 2/3/4 in the relay, then you will wait in transition with your wet suit on, ready to get tagged into the race. You can only be tagged in when your teammate has completed the course. When tagged you will proceed (run/ walk) down to the beach entry, can compete the course as described above. Swim-bike-run


The finish line will be located beside transition and instead of going into transition to tag you tram member, the last athlete will cross the finish line. Signifying that that team has completed the mixed team relay


Frequently Asked Questions

Entries are now OPEN! You can click here to enter.

The race start timetables is as follows:

YNS 12-13 yrs. Aquathlon – 9:30am

YNS 14-15 yrs.  Aquathlon -9:45am

YNS 16-17 yrs. Sprint race 10:00 am

NS Race Adult Sprint race 10:30am

Make your way to the MAIN ENTRANCE of Ballyhass Lakes. There will be marshalls on standby to assist you with further directions to various zones if required.

Registration for all athletes will happen as follows:

All athletes will receive a text with their race number on the Friday evening before the race.  (Please ensure you have entered the correct information so that you receive your text.) Your race number will be influenced by the predicted race time you submitted when registering through the triathlon Ireland portal for the race.

During the race brief the time window for you to enter transition will be indicated this will be by groups of 40 athletes.

Please arrive on time as we must manage the numbers in line with covid guidelines.

When you have parked your car, please bring all your gear for the race with you to registration, you will be allowed to keep your gear albeit neatly beside your bike. Remember you will have a 2 m spacing between you and your neighbour. At registration, you will need to wear your helmet and a face mask.

Your text message and your race license will be checked (or ODL if you have this) you will then go through the bike check and proceed to the numbered bike racking location, look for your number on the bike rack, that is your home for the duration of the race.

When you get into transition you will see a bag with your race and goodie pack waiting there for you.  Please ensure that you are at the correct location before you start the set up of your bike etc.

There will be a short reminder briefing on the morning of the race, but the main timetable is as follows:





YNS 12-13yrs




YNS 14- 15yrs




YNS 16-17yrs




NS Sprint Adult





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