Pride in Mallow Tri Club!

Proudly Supporting Pride

Mallow Tri Club literally pinned our colours to the mast this as we changed our club logo to the colours of the rainbow in support of Pride Month 2021.

As a fully inclusive sporting club, we felt it was a significant way for our committee and members to show our support for the community and reassure any potential future club members of our values.

These are enshrined within our structure and constitution, while we have a Code of Conduct; ethics; equality and children’s rights; communication; GDPR; management and finance, with further policy updates planned for 2021 where required.

Pic: Mallow Tri Club - Pride Logo

Protecting and supporting our members is a priority within our club, with our officers and some members participating in the required training for coaching, health & safety as well as safeguarding children and vulnerable adults as well as COVID-19 compliance training and risk assessment.